Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Season of embrace

While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease. Genesis 8:22 ESV 

Don’t you think those words God spoke to Noah still speak into our lives today? Obviously literally they do but I want you to go a step deeper and apply those words to your present day spiritual life and circumstances.  My loose translation for applying today is: So long as we remain on this earth seasons of life are guaranteed to remain and will ever be changing.

Take that thought; place it along side this scripture from The Passion Translation (TPT), and you’ll have set up my thought for today.

Know the importance of the season you’re in.
And a wise son you will be. Proverbs 10:5 TPT

When a season of life changes you must embrace, especially during the tough ones.  I don’t know that I really need to describe these times to you because you know them. They’re the seasons you feel as if you’re moving between a drought and storm but never stopping in-between.  In these times it doesn’t necessarily mean you should move on, go or run for the sake of relief.   From my personal experience very few times it meant move, often it has meant dig in and ride it out, but it has always meant embrace. This place is  where God has you and you must reframe your question of “why” to a question of “what?”  “What are you trying to teach me in this season Sweet Father because I know you are doing what’s best for me in your grand plan even though I cannot see it now. What is it?”  Embrace. 

The Christian counselor I use and trust gave me some wise words a couple years ago as I was going through a season of fear.  He said, “Tyson you can go and get away from this if you want.  There won’t be anything wrong with that because this is not a right vs. wrong situation. But I think it would be wise for you to stay.  If you go you will never have faced this and if you never face fear you will always have to deal with it. You will have never proven to yourself these are lies from the enemy and it doesn’t have to be this way.” Now that’s top shelf stuff right there! Looking back it is anyway.  At the time I felt as if I was paying this guy to tell me to stay in a situation that really sucked.  Sorry but this is just me being real and typing what I was really saying under my breath back then. 
So “what” exactly did I learn from digging in and embracing?  What did God teach me? About a year and a half later fear came knocking again not just on my door but also on the door of some people I love dearly.  This is when God said to me, “Share the truth I showed you!  Fear is not of Me you know this!  Fear is of the enemy and I am with them in this storm!  Share my truth!”  His truth to me in my former embrace was this:

He is ever present in me.
At all times He goes before me.
I WILL NOT live in fear or abandon my calling
Because He stands at my right hand.
Psalm 16:8 The Voice translation (emphasis mine)

When death calls for me in the midst of war
My soul is confident and unmoved.
Psalm 27:3b The Voice translation

Had I originally moved on, went or ran to escape my fear storm I would not have been sinning.  Again it wasn’t a matter of right or wrong – for me it was a matter of trust and comfort.  But I would have never been able to speak truth into my loved ones when they needed it most had I not dug in and stared fear in the face a couple years earlier.  Now I get to look back and see the goodness of His plans for us.  LISTEN this is not the case if every instance!!  I’ve seen God use the season to move us!  This is why it is so important to be praying the “what” prayer to Him.

I feel this is speaking to someone right now and this prayer is for you.  God has you and is holding you and hugging you like a little child.  Like a Daddy running to scoop up his toddler who took a header on the concrete. Knees scraped and bleeding, gravel embedded in the palms of the hands, tears streaming down blushed cheeks - He has you.  This pain will pass.  You will heal.  You will be better tomorrow than you were today and this will multiply over the coming weeks.  Hang in there!  Embrace! There is importance in this season you’re in and He will reveal this to you if you ask. And a wise son or daughter you will be.