Wednesday, January 13, 2016

40 is the new 27 1/2!

So I woke up yesterday morning.  When I was a kid I pictured that to be a major feat for those “old” 40 year olds I knew! Of course at that time anyone out of high school could have been 40 or 60 and I wouldn’t have known the difference. Now that I’m there I have to be honest. It feels a lot like 39, but I am still a 40 rookie after all.  

A good friend reminded me of when his grandpa dove into their swimming pool on his 90th birthday!  So I thought, “Well, age is really just a matter of perspective right? So, 40 it’s really the new 25!”  Then I remembered the life choices I was still making at 25 and graciously decided to move bump that up to 27 for myself.  40 is the new 27! Ugh…really I need it to be 27 ½ because it was on July 4th of my 27th year, not that I made my last poor choice, but the time I made my last worst poor choice. Follow that?  I did good choosing my bride because she didn’t kick me out of the house, only to the couch that night.  My first and only time to be kicked to the couch in our 18 years of marriage and fully deserved by the way. You’d be amazed at the loss of patience even from the best of brides with a little drunken vomit soaking into the freshly painted walls of her bedroom. But hey, let’s not rehash the past; it was covered years ago in a post. Vomit

So there it is, “40 is the new 27 ½!!”  Start printing the t-shirts and coffee mugs and don’t forget you heard it here first!

Drawing on a little inspiration from Proverbs, as our church reads through a chapter a day together in January, I thought I would impart some of the “nuggets” of wisdom I’ve attained over my 40 years like Solomon did for us through much of Proverbs.  To those of you who just had the thought that I believe I’m on the same level as Solomon please stop reading now.  Please. Like, stop now.  There are some highly intelligent and “religiously” correct theologians out there you will enjoy more than me.  I’m not that smart of a guy but I learn pretty well through trial and lots of error. Any true wisdom you might see in this list came from something I really jacked up along the way, heard in a sermon or I read it in a book.  Now, let’s have some fun! 

I may have to give up on my career dreams as a spy or cowboy, but just not yet.  40 is the new 27 ½!

You can’t cover up vomit when the wall paint is a matte finish.  Always go satin or semi gloss.

People will surprise you.  The ones you least expect will be the most loyal and stay.

Your heroes and hound dogs will die.

Whatever you do, don’t give up on your marriage in year 2.

People say you can’t want more for others than they want for themselves.  That’s not true.  You can want more, you just can’t expect more.

You never ever ever know who you are affecting around you.  Positively and negatively.

In ministry it’s a challenge to keep growing layers of thick skin while maintaining your compassion.  Thank you Holy Spirit for regeneration on both accounts.

There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about the devils. One is to disbelieve in their existence. The other is to believe, and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them. They themselves are equally pleased by both errors... -C.S. Lewis in the preface to The Screwtape Letters

Do not be deceived, Wormwood. Our cause is never more in danger than when a human, no longer desiring, but still intending, to do our Enemy's will, looks round upon a universe from which every trace of Him seems to have vanished, and asks why he has been forsaken, and still obeys. ― C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters (Letter #8) *Note: If you’ve never read The Screwtape Letters you may have to research a little to understand who’s perspective Lewis is writing from or just read it this year!

Life is about seasons. Learn and embrace the one that you are in and ask God what He is trying to teach you.

If you’re not carrying a knife, pliers and handkerchief then you didn’t get dressed this morning. –My Grandpa

Dave Ramsey quoting Charlie “Tremendous” Jones said, “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”  That’s legit!!

You can tell some of your oldest and best friends when you only get to talk to them twice a year, but can pick up the conversation like you are still roommates never missing a beat.

Not everyone will like you.  Stop wasting your energy trying to convince them to.

From a global perspective, if you’re white you are the minority.  Accept it. Get over it.  Here’s a link to my favorite piece of writing. It’s Not A Race

Most blessing have absolutely nothing to do with money. So quit judging God’s favor for you by the size of your bank statement.

Coffee is the official drink of heaven and earth.  And the apricot fried pie is the dessert.

There are only two slightly acceptable public restrooms between southeastern Oklahoma and the panhandle of Florida.

Legalism kills relationship.  It’s the condition of your heart God is concerned about.

Counseling isn’t for crazy people; it’s what smart people do to stay healthy.  –My Counselor (P.S. Your teenager won’t believe a word of this when you make them go to a session with you but it will without a shadow of a doubt instill a healthy dose of fear and understanding of how serious his parents are.)

God cannot trust you with the big stuff if you haven’t taken care of the little stuff he’s already given you.

Moles are hard to kill and keep killed out of your yard. 

“God surprise me today” is the scariest prayer I know.

Gravity usually wins.

Harmless human ignorance, in the right dose, was created for our entertainment. 

Atticus was only human.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. – Albert Einstein

Struggle with a fear of failure?  Memorize this. “I have great worth apart from my performance because Christ gave His life for me, and therefore, imparted great value to me.  I am deeply loved, fully pleasing, totally forgiven, accepted, and complete in Christ.” – My Counselor 

The disciples were just common men that were an ounce more devoted than they were afraid.  –Max Lucado

In comparison to how we choose to wander through treating God, he is merciful way way more often than we are willing to believe.

I’m not sure about all this new stuff, but in my day, wrestling was real! Woooahhh! To be the man you gotta beat the man!

You are loved!

Homemade cobbler made with handpicked grapes requires sugar.  A LOT of sugar! Even when your grandma assumes that you know that when you call and ask for the recipe is only documented in her head.  After the baking the convo goes like this, “Grandma if I knew what all went into the cobbler I wouldn’t have called for the recipe.”  Same convo. happened with both of my grandmas in my 40 years, once with cobbler and once with fried pies.  What does that say about me?

Public restrooms are from the pit of hell and porta-potties are the gateway to get there.

Because it’s true doesn’t mean you should say it. Because it’s true doesn’t mean it’s not gossip.

Fasting will bring you to a place with God that you’ve never experienced. 

Depression is real and you and your family should fight it with everything in you!

Our mission field is where we live, work and play. –Kent Humphreys

Our children get to see a realm of heaven we adults cannot because they so readily and innocently believe without restriction.  Then as they age we get our religious hands on them.

God has never intended for us to be comfortable.

If we only read the Bible for information we miss everything.  Our goal should be an encounter with God. –Jonathan Martin

People often make fun of what they do not understand.  I know because I’ve done it. Then I understood.  Then I was convicted. Then I saw how foolish I have been.

You can hear anything if you’re in the right place at the right time. –Coach John Jacobs

Careful that you don’t use a snapshot in someone’s life to judge their entire life. –Clayton King

Bad things happen to good people.  It does not mean there is no God or He is angry with you.  It means we still live in a world broken by sin that we aren’t meant for.

Spiritual warfare is very real.

You may discern everything exactly how the Holy Spirit intended but it may fail by the world’s standards.  That does not mean you were a failure or discerned incorrectly. They actually thought Jesus had failed when he was hanging on the cross– My Counselor 

Reading scripture aloud makes a difference!

A country boy from Oklahoma can manage his way through the London Tubes with only his son as a copilot and make it to Africa and back if his daughter depends on it!

The resources needed to complete God’s assignment are unlimited.  The only restriction is between our ears. –Bill Johnson

Never stop praying.  I was blessed to see 31 years of a loved one’s prayers get answered when a family member got saved recently.
If it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill. –Clayton King

Best friends are forever, especially when you are growing wiser with age.  Aging certainly comes with wisdom.  –Peter and Anna Osei-Kwame on my 38th birthday

Build your ministry on what you are for not what you are against.  I will always make a mistake on the side of believing in people.  –Craig Groeschel 

Beg, borrow and steal to get away with your spouse regularly.  And when I say get away I mean away – no kids, dogs or other distractions.  Maybe it’s across town or across the country, but make it a priority. 

God wants it to be an honor for us to speak of His truth, even if it is rejected. –Francis Chan

A raccoon will gnaw your face off if it gets a chance.

You are immortal until God’s work for you is through. –Steven Furtick 

Do your part even when they (your spouse) aren’t doing theirs.  If both commit to this 90% of your marriage troubles cease to exist.

The greatest sleeping giant on the face of the earth is the church of Jesus Christ!  And if we could get a revelation of who we are then we could advance the cause of Christ and make a difference on the earth! –Christine Caine

I will NEVER have enough rhythm to dance.

The proper office of friend is to the side with you when you are in the wrong.  Nearly anybody will side with you when you are in the right. –Mark Twain

It’s amazing what changes happen when you read the Bible and believe it.  I mean like every word of it, not just the parts that you’re sure of or make you comfortable.

A good wife that will stick with you for nearly half your life is hard to find. Do whatever does not harm you spiritually to keep her for the second half.

There you go.  A few nuggets that have meant something to me or I have learned over the last 40 years.  I’m sure I’ll remember something earth moving as soon as I post, but in an effort to heed to wisdom in conquering my fears of failure and imperfection…Here. You. Go.