Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back from da funk!

Well hello world!  I’m back from the depths of a long writing funk, be it for better or for worse.  Last winter I had some “stuff” happen in my professional life that bled into my personal life and completely took the wind out of my writing sails.  

Writing, namely on this blog, is an emotional outlet God’s given me that has even birthed the beginnings of a book, but in December all that came to a screeching halt. 

Since my unplanned writing sabbatical, God being God and sovereign the way He is, has taken me to a deeper, richer place and has revealed things to me I never knew were possible. This will influence the content of my writings from here forward, though only He knows in what way. 

My style of writing though will remain.  I still believe in honesty especially when it hurts, satire laced with sarcasm presented alongside an occasional country embellishment that every good storyteller is entitled to.  I’ll be hard on the American church and churchy religious people, but will have an overabundance of grace for those hurt by them and new believers trying to break their way in. For that I continue to make zero apologies.  We stand to learn something from the faith of the Third World church and the passion of new and miraculously restored believers!

So, if you are still with me just let me say, thanks.  Let’s give this another go!