Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Get lost!

The last couple of weeks the boys and I have watched all three of the Lord of the Rings movies. Had they not wanted to watch them with me I honestly would have done it by myself so I’m glad they did, and enjoyed it, now I don’t have to fully confirm my immaturity. These three movies were absolutely awesome if you like that kind of stuff and I do!

Winston and I had a great discussion about how you know when movies are good. I told him in movies like Lord of the Rings it’s if you get lost in them. He didn’t really understand what “getting lost in them” meant so I explained it him like this.

Lost as in you don’t know you’re setting in our living room under a leopard Snuggie (bought for Christy not for me) but rather you are in Gondor battling Orges (not ogers) side by side with a Wizard (who bears an eerie resemblance to Magneto from X-Men, nah couldn't be), an axe wielding Dwarf who has a dry but funny sense of humor and a bad to the bone Elf who can rapid fire arrows at a rate that even Robin Hood would be jealous of! And as I’m telling this I could picture Winston being just the right size for a Hobbit!! He wanted to be something a little tougher of course. Something that carried a sword, but this is my IMAGINATION and you will be a Hobbit!


Back to reality!

Yes, I can easily get lost in a movie, especially a good western or spy movie!! As I’ve said before, since I was a kid I always wanted to be a cowboy or a spy.

I can get lost in books too! I was reading this one last night that resembled the Lord of the Rings story.

There was this good army who was battling a rebellious land full of evil armies. The good army was told by their leader to overthrow every fortified city and every major town in the land. Cut down every good tree and plug up all their water wells and ruin the good farm land by filling them with stones.

As they battled on the good army started running out of water for their own men and livestock. So their leader tells them, when you wake up in the morning the valley you are camping by will be full of water, but you will never hear it rain. And it happened!

The opposing rebellious army also awoke to see the see valley full of water but to them it appeared red as blood.

The battle ensued!! Though armed with 700 swordsmen the evil army could not win! Once the rebellious king realized defeat was at hand he went nuts and sacrificed his own son, next in line to be king, on the city wall!!!

Wow, another one to get lost in!

And this book I’m reading is full of stories just like this and better!

This book I’m reading is full of murder, espionage, soap opera, deceit, drama, sex, heroism, war strategy, lust, good vs. evil, coming of age, action, romance, mystery, overcoming the odds, and did I mention love, oh is it full of love.

It’s also contains a secret…how to live forever!

It’s called the Bible!!

Give it a try! The story I summarized above came from 2 Kings.

Now I must go!! An Orge has just invaded my Hobbit’s room and destroyed his Lego castle…I may need that Dwarf and Elf to win this battle!