Friday, January 14, 2011

Oswald After Dark

Been praying and fasting over some life changing decisions and I came across this nugget in my daily devotion.

"Whether I hear Gods call or not depends on the condition of my ears, and exactly what I hear depends on my spiritual attitude...When our Lord called His disciples, He did it without irrestistible pressure from the outside. The quiet yet passionate insistence of His "Follow Me" was spoken to men whose every sense was receptive...And they followed in perfect freedom." Oswald Chambers

If you don't have a copy of the devotion book My Utmost For His Highest, GET IT!! It's like the oldest devo known to man but it's been update and editted into something that we not only can digest in 2011 but be inspired by without an English lit degree.

Oswald Chambers is on my list of people to meet when I get to heaven, right after God and I sit down over a plate of fried quail breasts and quail legs in Grandma Georgia's mushroom gravy. Yes that's what we'll be having when when we iron out this JFK and dinosaurs deal. Then I'm looking for Oswald, or maybe John'll be a coin toss.

Oswald Chanber's scripture selection and messages always speak to me at just the right time!!

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