Monday, January 24, 2011

Audit week...

Okay, so most of you know, if you’ve followed me very long that I have a habit of doing this during the times I go through an audit (which is every six month) at my job "that pays the bills and insurance”. These audits totally drain me mentally and physically. Because my OCD kicks in as I strive for total audit perfection until I can't tell if it's the coffee IV or stress causing the 4 day migraine!! habit is to either not post all together or post something from someone else that really has inspired me to keep things simple during audit week. So instead of being totally lazy and not posting at all, I’m going with the semi-lazy approach and that is to repost from someone else.

Drum roll please, Vince Antonucci is someone who has totally inspired me the last year. Through his book Guerilla Lover (if you haven’t read it get it and get ready to be inspired!!) and through his blog where I follow the progress oo the church he started on the Las Vegas strip! Yay, how’s that for a God calling!! This post from him last week will not disappoint you! It might even make you ponder for a while. Enjoy.

Shouldn't Following Jesus Look Like...

Yesterday I mentioned that we've lived here for a year, and the question we always get is, "Why did you move to Vegas?!" As in, "Why did you leave your great church in a great place to live, to move and start a new church in a difficult place to live?"

Well, maybe I'm nuts, but I think we're supposed to orient our lives around Jesus and what He wants to do in the world. Isn’t that what it means to follow him?

Seriously, what if instead of, “I’m moving to Orlando because I got a new job there,” it was, “I’m moving to Detroit because I’m convinced God wants me to live there. I don’t know what I’ll do for work, but there’s got to be something. I don’t know, but I trust God.” Or what if instead of, “I live in Louisville because my family is all here,” it was, “I live in the French Quarter of New Orleans because there are so few Christians, and God needs a presence here.” Or what if instead of, “We chose to live in this neighborhood because the schools are really good,” it was, “We chose to live in this neighborhood because the schools are really bad, and we want our kids to be missionaries to them.”

Shouldn’t following Jesus look like that? Our decisions governed not by what’s best for us and what we want, but by what’s best for God and what he wants. Even if we have to face down fear, no matter what the cost. And isn’t that what makes life an adventure, and worth living, as we become a part of something bigger than ourselves, something better than we’ve ever experienced, something more beautiful than we’ve ever dreamed.