Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sisters, hockey and dead fish!

Remember February 22nd 1980? Oh I do!

This would have been the day before my little sisters 1st birthday. Oh how I had loved the first three years of my life…then she came along. Everything changed forever!

No really, I love you sis…sometimes! Seriously, I love you….when we don’t have to talk! Just kidding…kinda!

Really, February 22nd 1980 was the day a historical Olympic hockey game was played.

It’s was the game prior to the gold medal round but it was the one everyone remembers.

A group of American amateur and college hockey players took on the Soviet Union professionals who had won every Olympic hockey gold since 1964 and were the heavy favorite to win this one.
Last period and the game was tied 4-4 with time is ticking down.

U.S. gets the puck with 10 seconds to go.

Passed it up ice with 5 seconds as announcer Al Michaels rattles off the famous words, “Five seconds left in the game. Do you believe in miraclessssssss?...YES!”

As the U.S. puck flies into the net with no time left and pandemonium erupts.

Affectionately know to this day as “The Miracle on Ice.”

This is a perfect example of what it takes for a miracle to happen as I recently heard Christian author John Maxwell describe.

He says, “Miracles happen when there is a need sensed by a few, and each individual understands his responsibility and gives his all, regardless of the odds, then Jesus works a miracle.”

Now go back and think about that hockey match again. Perfect example, huh?

Think of the Jesus feeding the 5,000 with a few fish and loaves that is recorded in all four gospels ( Matthew 14, Mark 6, Luke 9 & John 6). The few who sensed the need and understood the responsibility wasn’t Jesus and disciples. Heck, they wanted Jesus to end with a prayer and let everyone go home hungry.

No, the few who sensed the need was Jesus and boy with the fish and bread.

For this miracle to work the boy had to give his all regardless of the odds. And his all was his lunch.

As he looked around at over 5,000 hungry people he was finally convinced that this guy Jesus could really do this; otherwise he would have never given him the lunch.

Maxwell envisioned the conversation between the two sounding something like this, “I can do more with your lunch than you can but I can’t do anything until you let it go out of your hands.”

The minute it is out of his hands the miracle begins.

Just like The Miracle on Ice there was no way to score the winning goal as long as U.S. holds on to the puck. The miracle only happened because they let it go towards the net and gave it chance.

God tells us the same. I can do more with your life than you can but I can’t do anything until you let go of your junk and let me take care of it.

Change your thinking a little when it comes to miracles. They’re not just something that happened a few thousand years ago and about water to wine, walking on water or parting of seas. Miracles in the Bible and miracles today share something in common. They are about bringing the dead to life.

Today we need a miracle in our dead marriages, our dead relationships, our dead friendship, when we’re dead in our addictions, our dead finances or dead in our religion. When you are to the point you've figured out you can’t help you and must have Him to go any further then you have sensed the need for a miracle in your life. Now let go!

Pastor Shannon O’Dell says it best, “Take the pain, take the offenses, dig them up with a spade, and spread them at the feet of the Cross, release them and leaving there with your Lord. Let go! Because he knows what to do. He is in the business of taking things that are dead and giving them new life.”

Let it go!

Pray, “I will not be consumed by this any longer! This will not rule my life any longer! God here is my lunch.”