Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wooly WHAT??

As I do about every six months, I throw out this “blog apology” because I miss a week or more of posting due to auditing at my 40 per week job. I get audited every 6 months to keep a certification we have, I’M NOT IN TROUBLE, this time. So, here it is, “Sorry to all of you who follow regularly I’ve been getting audited.” Done, I feel better, hope you all accept that, but if you don’t wait 6 months and I’ll offer up another one.

We’re getting ready to spend some time in a cabin at Beavers Bend State Park in way southeastern Oklahoma very soon. I love mountain country! Whether Oklahoma or Montana. I love it. When I’m in mountain country, especially early in the mornings, I see why Max Lucado calls the natural creations of God, “Appetizers of Heaven”. I love it!

We’ll be staying just a mile away from the Lower Mountain Fork River and I wanted to take the boys trout fishing. Yes, there is trout fishing in Oklahoma. I am an avid fisherman but have never fished for trout and surely haven’t ever fished for trout in Oklahoma. Much less used a fly rod…other than the time I was playing around in the yard with an old fly rod that was in the family. My grandpa dared me to flip the fly into my Mom’s goldfish pond to see what would happen.

Learned two things that day. One: goldfish will bite flies. Two: your grandpa will bale on you in an instant when your mom comes out the door and sees you have hooked one of her goldfish with a fly rod.

So I was reading up on a few things about what lures we could use to catch trout, where you can fish, red zones, blue zones, barbed hook areas, unbarbed areas, artificial bait only areas…HOLY COW I was worn slick trying to figure it all out and honestly a little scared. Not that much thought has to be put into fishing where I come from.

Where I grew up the only time you got scared was when you knew you were fishing on someone you weren’t supposed to, but you acted like you didn’t see the 6 wire barbwire fence that ripped a hole in your jeans as you crossed with all your gear and if caught will that farmer buy your “playing dumb” story when you tell him you "thought" you had permission to fish that pond.

Anyway, as I was doing my research everything I was reading on trout fishing was on using flies. As in flies that you either buy at the store or that guys themselves in thier garage using hooks and feathers and different colors strings and their supposed to resemble different bugs but their all called flies. But I wanted to know about some good spinners or live bait for the boys, but it was just flies and more flies. And most of these guys I was reading were from Oklahoma fishing the Lower Mountain Fork. COME ON; give a beetle spin or road runner or H&H…something I can relate to. Then the more I started to read these fly names the more I felt, well, guilty.

I’ve got to think that naming flies would be an awesome job, similar to whoever names fingernail polish. Not that I wear it…much…but when Christy comes home and I say "Your red nails look good". She tells me it’s not just red. This color is called, “Wish You Had A Camaro This Color Red And It’s Not Candy Apple Red Red”. Oh, okay.

Listen to some of these names of these flies…

Small Caddis
Zebra Midge
Black Egg Sucking Leech
Cockroach Deceiver
Prince Nymph
Wooly Bugger

I am positive that if my grandma were still living that she would surely, to this day, wash my mouth out with Lava soap and used a toothbrush had I mentioned 3 out of 8 of those in her presence.

I’m wondering what anyone would say if me and the boys plopped right down on the bank of the Lower Mountain Fork and told them to just keep their Wooly Buggers, we’re going with a cork and minna’ (a.k.a. minnow)?