Thursday, May 27, 2010

God Bless John Wayne

I’m the worst hero fan ever!!! My best friend had to call me yesterday to remind me it was one of my hero’s birthday. I was clueless! And no, it wasn’t my friend who was my hero though he likes to think so, no, it’s John Wayne. How did I miss that one!!

I know, everyone looks up to John Wayne, everyone has a wooden John Wayne clock with his image cascading over a desert mountain range in their office, everyone’s youngest son can sing the theme song to Rio Bravo, everyone had a cheap 20x24 reproduction portrait of him that they used to hang in college married student housing because that was the only décor they could afford and convinced his new bride’s sorority sisters it was his grandpa John, I know all this!

But, since I do use this blog for an outlet on spiritual thought, with the exception of the Nature Boy Ric Flair post a couple months ago which rocked by the way, does everyone have a picture like this?!

Yes, if you look closely neatly stenciled on the back of this 90 model Dodge Ram flatbed truck tooling along somewhere on the highways and byways of rural Missouri, it says, “GOD BLESS JOHN WAYNE.” My friend, who reminded me of the birthday, sent this to me about 6 or 7 years ago and it hangs on the wall of fame in my office.

How is that for finding a way to work John Wayne into a Jesus blog?

Thanks B.O. for the reminder yesterday and your awesome wife who can actually be seen in the passenger side mirror taking this picture so many years ago!

And just so you can’t get one up on me in December.