Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where's my cleats?

Reading through the book of Romans and got to chapter 11. And to be honest I was struggling to stay focused in this chapter except for this verse that I just couldn’t let go of this week.

6 And if by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace. Romans 11:6 (Today's New International Version)

Those words, by grace then it can’t be works, if it were, grace wouldn’t be grace, just kept coming to me throughout my day. I couldn’t shake it really didn’t know why.

I know it seems like I blog and preach about grace pretty often but can it really ever be too much? It is what saves us after all! You know, without it we’d be dead…other than that it’s really insignificant.

So last night it was time for baseball practice. Tuesdays are usually a whirlwind with Cub Scouts and baseball and whatever else seems to happen, usually happens on Tuesday. I came in the house just in time to eat and see Wyatt, our youngest age 6, fully suited up in last years uniform ready for practice.

He shared with me how someone on the team called him a nerd for wearing last years uniform to practice but it didn’t seem to hurt his ego any more that it does to wear full cowboy attire including vest, chaps, spurs and 70’s Richard Petty meets Hoss Cartwright style 7 inch crown felt hat EVERY time we go to Santé Fe Steakhouse. You got RESPECT baby! He had all his baseball gear on for practice, except his cleats.

So to speed up the process I asked him to look for his cleats while I finished eating. This is where he informed me that with all the looking power a 6 year old has he had combed the depths of every closet and under every bed, but did not find his cleats. In parent terms this means, “I looked in one spot, they weren’t there, I’ll let Dad find them for me while I play with the dog.”

Being a former experienced childhood shoe, boot and cleat searcher (FECSBCS) myself I advised him to try his room again. But this time try looking under the Everest sized toy mound in the middle.
Wyatt again told me, “Dad I’ve looked EVERYWHEREEEEEE”, in his best whiney exhausted voice.

Since I was a highly skilled FECSBCS before I turned parent, I knew good and well he had not looked anywhere!

So I got up, walked to his room, took two steps in the door, stopping for fear of my own health, safety and welfare to go further, looked down and to the right to see, ah, CLEATS!

He didn’t look, he didn’t try and still his Father bailed him out because he was his son and because he loved him.

…then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace.

Wyatt could have looked for 3 hours or never looked at all like I suspect and my love for him would be no more or no less. Just like if the harder you work for God you think you’ll get more grace…grace would no longer be grace.

When I really think of the things that God knows about me, all the stuff that only He and I know about me...and I’m still loved by Him and covered by His grace. I can’t even begin to know and can’t wrap my brain around how big his grace is and it would only do God an injustice to even try. My goodness it’s the greatest free gift going, yet the hardest one for us to accept!

I had gotten out of a Sunday school class on grace one time and was talking to a friend about it. I had really heard God speak through a powerful message and further class discussion. I made the comment, “All God wants us to do is try.” My friend replied back, “You know Tyson; the amazing thing about grace is He covers us even when we don’t.”

Makes sense, cause if He didn’t, grace wouldn’t be grace.

Got to go now! I hear God calling; I think he just found my cleats.