Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Warning, if you came to today's post for spiritual inspiration please rewind to a previous post. I read something in the paper yesterday that I just can't let go.

Say it isn’t so!

Wrestler Ric Flair's wife charged with assaulting him
Published: February 23, 2010
CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (AP) — Police say the wife of pro wrestler Ric Flair has been charged with assaulting him in their North Carolina home.
In a statement, Flair called the incident an unfortunate disagreement and said he did nothing wrong.
Authorities say officers were called to Flair's home in south Charlotte on Sunday night. Flair said his wife attacked him after they went out for dinner. He had minor injuries, but refused treatment from paramedics.
Police charged 41-year-old Jacqueline Beems with simple assault. She was released from jail a few hours after her arrest

WHAT? Ric Flair?
I’m a child of the 80’s. The Nature Boy was a part of our life like Hulk Hogan (before the “E” reality shows) and Hacksaw Jim Dugan and the Iron Sheik and Randy The Macho Man Savage and the Missing Link and Jake The Snake Roberts and I better stop now because I could go on for hours. They were in our living room every Saturday and Sunday night. They were…well…family. My mom would have to literally pry me away from the TV for Sunday night church.
Ric would hollar’ out his infamous Woooooooo and slap a figure four leg lock on you faster than you could say, “Why is there always a steel chair stored under the wrestling rink?”

Now he’s still making the papers. Not because he’s regained the championship belt at 60, but assaulted by his wife? Not that a woman isn’t capable, that’s not what I’m trying to say. This is The Nature Boy Ric Flair…an 80’s icon to boys everywhere. If he’s gonna be assaulted it should be Hulk Hogan hiding behind a trash can waiting to settle up the 1991 title showdown where the Hulkster lost the belt. Or Jimmy The Superfly Snuka, barefoot and on the roof waiting to pounce because Ric had worked him over with some brass knuckle he'd hid in his trunks in a match decades ago. He is Ric Flair…if he’s gonna make the papers it should be with FLAIR! Laid out in an alley wearing sequence robe and a royal blue feather boa!

Not like this. I guess when they were arguing over the last squirt of toothpaste he popped off his patented catchphrase, “To be the man you gotta beat the man!” and she did.

This breaks my heart.

Next thing you know they'll report that wrestling was all a fake. Huh, like that will ever happen.