Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Do what?

Just wanted to say how fired up I am to be able to pastor a church with believers full of passion and willing to serve as quick as their next breath.

Since our beginning not so long ago the Spirit has done so much in breaking down the religious barriers and stereotypes in our lives and has set us down a path of passion for Christ and carrying out His mission.

To paraphrase Christine Caine in terms of what Fellowship of Believers has done; we have stopped defining our Christianity by what we don’t do, but instead have started defining ourselves by what we do.

When was the last time you went to a funeral or read on a headstone, “A good man who didn’t smoke, drink, cuss or cheat on his wife.”?

Uh, never!

So if Christians don’t define theirselves by that when we are dead then why in the world do they do it while they are living!?!?

I AM NOT SAYING that there aren't things that don't fall into living the life of a Christian or the Bible doesn't address as wrong. WHAT I AM saying is don't hang your hat on what you don't do. What you don't do hasn't brought a single soul to Christ. That's my only statement for the critics/modern day Pharisees, I'm done. P.S. The time you spend disproving this theory doesn't bring people to Christ either.

How fortunate am I?

Yes, I’m about to brag a little because God deserves this glory and the passion he puts in people deserves to be bragged about.

A friend of mine called because he knew we make one of our main missions is to serve others at Fellowship of Believers. He knew of a very young couple about to have a baby and they had nothing. Could we help? That’s all the information I had to present.

I broadcast it to our group, who made connections to other believers around town, and some out of town, and in three days they literally had an entire truck load of stuff to help these two bring this new baby into the world.

Here’s the coolest thing though. No one asked, who are they, are they even trying to work, what kind of family are they from, are they living together unmarried, do they drink, do they smoke?? You know the checklist of a “Good Christian” today’s church has made to hold people to as their standard for whether or not they "deserve" help. No, instead this group knew someone had a need and they acted on it, without a single question or second thought. AWESOME!

Huh, funny thing, that’s kind of how Jesus worked wasn’t it? He didn’t ask what’s your home life like? How did you get in this condition? What do you do behind closed doors? Did I see you somewhere you shouldn’t have been last week?

NO, Matthew 4:23-25 (Message) says…He also healed people of their diseases and of the bad effects of their bad lives….People brought anybody with an ailment, whether mental, emotional, or physical. Jesus healed them, one and all.

That’s what a Christian IS! It not a name you give yourself because of what you don’t do, NO, it’s a life you live based on what you do out of on unbridled passion for HIM because of what He’s done for you!

And today I’m cannot tell you how proud I am to be a part of group of believers on fire for God and changing lives! His kingdom gets bigger one life at a time!

To close here is the exact quote from Christine Caine, ponder it for a while. And if you ponder to long, well then, it may time to file away the "don'ts" and get to work on the "do's".

The church today has defined Christianity by what it doesn’t do. But what DO we do?
-Christine Caine