Friday, January 29, 2010

Thoughts from pastor in Vegas that have nothing to do with gambling! Part 1

In one day we met three people that work in Vegas that had unique stories. Our driver born in SC, went to college at Marshall and was friends with many of the football players that died in plane crash in the 70s. His voice started to crack when he explained how he saw all of them that morning in class then they were gone.

Our waitress was born in Ethiopia and came to US 10 years ago because of something she said was way to long to share with us. You could see the hurt in her eyes though as she thought back to her old life just for an instant.

Then the best of all. We were cruising through the casino after we ate when one of the craps tables busted out in excitement so we stop to watch. One of the dealers asked where we from and our friend said Ada, OK. The guy said heck I grew up in Ada. Yeah right I think. UNTIL he says yeah I still have an Ada brick. Whoa! This dude is for real! An Ada brick from the old brick plant is like the secret handshake for any claiming to have lived there. He could see our suprised that he was telling the truth and started sharing with us how he transferred from Byng to Ada high in the 70s because they wanted him to cut his hippie hair. Said he still has a sister in law in Ada he needed to call and he had been asking people for 30 years if they were from Ada,OK and we the first he had ever talked to.

Wow! Three awesome people in one day. It intrigues me to think if God had a reason for us to meet them.

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