Monday, January 4, 2010

More blogging please.

Okay, so, one of my new year’s resolutions, along with getting back into my running routine, is blog more often. I’ve tried for at least weekly and sometimes twice a week if the Lord lays something on me, but my problem has been I like to write, so it’s been hard to just throw out a short post. I have a tendency to want to turn each post into a descriptive essay. Get that from my Grandpa who lives each day to tell the next story…some of them are even true.

See! I couldn’t just post, “gonna blog more often”!

Anyway what would help would be is someone would comment on here about an iPhone app that works with Blogspot. I loaded a couple but can’t seem to get them to work (Blogwriter and BlogPressLite). I use Blogspot but don’t have a google email and password. Therefore I’m having trouble getting anything to work. Huge help in blogging if I could find an app. Oh, and to those of you who are still shocked to hear me talking about “iPhones” and “apps”…well you can all go jump in the lake with your boots on or visit my wife Christy’s Facebook page to join in with her where she regularly makes fun of my Dave Ramseylike tendencies that she refers to as “being tight” but I refer to as “being thrifty”!

Come on guys! Help me out with an app!