Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jeremiah and Pilgrims

Today in my early morning time with God I was feeling this draw to the book of Jeremiah. Can’t really explain why other than the Holy Spirit doing what the Holy Spirit does.

So as I sat down to begin my youngest son Wyatt comes strolling in from his slumber sporting his favorite karate underwear and crawls up in my lap.

In my mind I’m thinking, “teaching opportunity.” So I ask Wyatt, “Would you like to hear a Bible story?” and he says, “Yes”.

So here I go just reading him my Bible’s introduction to the book of Jeremiah. When I’m done reading I try my best to give a kindergarten explanation on what a prophet is.

Sensing his disinterest mostly because he is Wyatt, and then because he seemed determined in trying to stick my pencil up his nose, I thought it best to cut the prophet lesson off and just ask him, “Did you understand any of that?” Not to my suprise, without even pulling the pencil from his nose, he replies, “Uh, not really.” “But Dad I know what a pilgrim is.”

Sweet! Fill me in I said.

Wyatt’s description of a pilgrim…

“Pilgrims were people told by God to leave England on the Faymerry. On their trip they got sea sick and gave it to the Indian when they got to the new land. And the Indians were so nice they still taught them how to grow Indian corn with a fish.”

Jeremiah and pilgrims, who knew they had so much in common? You have to love the innocents of a child.