Friday, September 18, 2009

Sugar high and hospitals?

It is the eve of my oldest son Winston’s 8th birthday and at 9pm I just watched him, two friends and his little brother chow on ice cream sundaes topped with their very own, soon to be patented, concoction of Reese’s, Chocolate Paradise Crunch, Candy Covered Chocolate Drops, Chocolate Sprinkles, Dark Chocolate Crunch, Tootsie Rolls, chocolate syrup and I think I saw the remains of a Kitt Katt. I’m not convinced there was any ice cream even under all that. Now as I’m typing I can hear them in background squeal like girls as they watch How To Eat Fried Worms. So can someone with older boys tell me when they stop squealing like girls and start squealing like men?

So where am I going with this post? Tonight it’s simple…humbleness and the fragileness of life. I snapped a picture of all those boys digging in to that ice cream tonight and the simultaneous thought that popped in my head was, “I could very well not be seeing this right now.” If you don’t know part of my family’s story, the short version is Winston had to have open-heart surgery when he was 7 months old. That day at Children’s Hospital as I stood there holding my one and only son, God taught me about a billion lessons not the least being the fragileness of life. I finally got up close and personal with James 4:14 …Your life is like the morning fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone.

As I handed Winston over to the surgical nurse He gave me the smallest of glimpses into what it must have felt like when He gave up His Son. The difference is I wasn’t sure that my son would come back but I had a peace that he would. When God handed over his Son he knew the ending and that was human suffering and death. Gives me the chills to even type these words but it’s what is on my heart tonight. It changed me from the inside out for the rest of my life.

So you’re thinking now, “that’s a good story but it’s a little hard for me to relate emotionally because I’ve never had anything like that happen to me.” Maybe you haven’t had to hand over your child in a hospital and wonder if you’d ever see them again or not. But there was a man named Jesus that was handed over FOR YOU and he died a brutal death to save YOUR life. Notice my emphasis on the YOU! Have you ever tried this to make thing a little more personal. Read this scripture using the directions I’ve added. It’s an awesome thought to know that you were in His thoughts. John 3:16 For God so loved___ [insert your name here] that he gave his one and only son … Changes everything doesn’t it? You are loved!!

Gotta go quiet down these giggling squealing “girls” so we can get some rest; we’re headed to the zoo in the morning. SERIOUSLY I LOVE THE ZOO.