Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The List

So this came to my mind tonight while driving. Not sure why. Just a good question that popped in my head that I’ll leave open-ended and hopefully provoke some thought!

Are you content in thinking your salvation is based on your deeds which includes checking the box “went to church on Sunday done for the week”?

Or do you know there’s not a checklist long enough to reach to heaven, you are not perfect, and God’s grace that was bought by his Son dying with you and me in mind is the only way to get there and you should be ecstatic to tell someone about Him and my mom is an English teacher and she would hate this massive run on sentence but if I was preaching this I think I could do it all in one breath with some emphasis to get my point across that I’M FIRED UP about Him!!? Why aren’t you?

Are you living by the list or in grace? If you’re living by the list I hope you don’t miss a box. If you’re enjoying the life of grace then thank the Man with the holes in hands, feet and side by sharing it with someone! Need some guidance on trashing the list, try Galatians on for size, you’ll like chapter 3. www.biblegateway.com